Go From Business to Brand

As a world-class design and marketing company, we are focused on creating an engaging experience for your clients while exceeding your expectations. Our attention to detail is so keen that we won’t stop working on your website until you’re equally as satisfied as we are. We are focused on creating original experiences that separate your business from the rest of your industry.

The  Team

Aidan Gerety
Aidan GeretyDirector of Photography
Aidan found a love for photography at an early age, which became more of a hobby when he started working full time at a music studio. Aidan’s talent was quickly noticed by artists and local businesses which led him to create StateSide Visuals. Shortly after, Aidan decided to team up with an old friend that had the same vision. This collaboration has already made StateSide Visuals into something bigger than he could have ever dreamed of.
Jordan Biagioni
Jordan BiagioniDirector of Videography
Jordan was born and raised in Oxford, CT. He graduated with a degree in Media Production at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut. His time at Western has taught him many things and his experience gained through working with the school’s Media Services department helped pave the way to making Stateside Visuals a reality.